The wool used in Royal Tibetan rugs is 100% highland Tibetan wool, the rarest and most durable wool. This wool comes from Tibetan sheep that are indigenous only to the high plateaus of the Himalayan Mountains. In such harsh climate, a sleep creates a wool fiber that is extra long, extremely durable and highly saturated with lanolin. The lanolin produces a natural strain resistance and keeps the wool from drying out over the years. It also creates a beautiful, rich patina as the dye soaks into the wool. It creates a natural lustrous, yet soft and subtle variation in color.

After harvesting the wool is trekked by yaks over the Himalayan ranges and gently washed in the mountain streams, while carefully preserving the lanolin. The wool is then hand sorted to separated the white wool from the gray and black. It is then carded by hand, the fibers are gently combed and aligned, in order to prepare the wool for the hand spinning. This traditional technique requires a great length of time making the yarn uniquely textured and natural in appearance.