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Quality in every step

Wool Sourcing

Our highland wool comes from Tibetan sheep indigenous to the Himalayas. Each fiber is extra thick, long, and strong. This wool is then saturated with stain-resistant lanolin.

Colorfast Dye

Our craftsmen dye the wool in small quantities, ensuring proper absorption. The lanolin creates a rich, beautiful patina as the dye soaks in, making a naturally soft and lustrous rug.

Weave, Shred, Wash

The delicately processed wool is hand knotted following a graph. The carpets are then shredded to enhance the design, washed, and given their final brushing.

Detailed work for luxury rugs

Click any of the images below to see the process for each premium quality rug

Deep Night Custom Rug
Deep Night Custom
Silver Grain Custom Rug from Nepal
Silver Grain
Herringbone custom Rug from Nepal
Terracotta Custom Rug from Nepal
Green Ombre Custom Rug from Nepal
Green Ombre
Deep Night

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